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HEGER is one of the world's leading manufacturers of recycling systems.
HEGER develops and produces technology to significantly reduce recycling costs.
HEGER machines are well-engineered and have proven themselves on the market for decades.

Areas of application.

The quality systems from HEGER shred and compress a wide variety of waste materials into high-quality recyclable material with little energy input, for which good prices can be achieved. The modular product range includes machines for coarse and fine shredding with primary crushers and pulverizers, screening and dust removal systems as well as mixing, dosing and compaction systems for a wide range of plastics from ARCEL to XPS.



Systems for compacting foam and insulation materials made of EPS, EPP, XPS or PUR as well as waste and recyclable materials from industry, demolition, trade and municipalities.


Systems for separating liquid contents from packaging, dewatering spitting materials or drying washed film shreds, waste and recyclable materials from industry, trade and municipalities.


Systems for shredding foam and insulating materials or cardboard.


Systems for grinding and granulating foams made of EPS or EPP.


Systems for dedusting granulated particle foams made of EPS or EPP.


Systems for mixing and dosing EPS or EPP new granulate with re-granulate.

Quality "Made in Germany"

Compared to cheaper competitor products, Heger machines run smoothly for years with far fewer cost-intensive downtimes.

Efficiency for any size of business

The higher throughput coefficient and optimized operational reliability of quality systems pay off - for both large and small companies.

Engineering with know-how

Heger also develops customized special applications for the industry.


Every industry presents companies with unique challenges when it comes to recycling. We know the specific needs of different companies, their production processes and can recommend the right recycling machine for their requirements.

We are happy to offer you a comprehensive profitability analysis so that you can immediately see how profitable an investment can be. Our machines not only save you time, space and stress, but also increase your profits.

Waste is a valuable resource that should be utilized optimally. We are flexible and integrate our products seamlessly into your operational processes, according to your individual requirements.



Compaction of packaging made of EPS, EPE or EPP. Drastic reduction in disposal costs. Significantly less storage space required for the resulting waste volume. Compacted blocks can be sold as raw material to recycling companies or raw material traders.


Compaction of load carriers made of EPP. Significant savings in logistics costs. Compacted blocks can be sold as raw material to recycling companies or raw material dealers. The blocks produced can simply be stacked on pallets until the disposal company collects them.


The solution for the disposal of faulty batches in the food or beverage industry by mechanically separating the packaging from the liquid content. Liquid content from biomass can be recycled in BIO-GAS plants. Compacted blocks from EPS fish crates can be sold as raw material to recycling companies or raw material traders.


Returning production waste from EPS, EPP or XPS to the production process. Compacting production waste from EPS, EPP or EPE and selling it as a raw material to recycling companies or raw material traders.
Waste disposal

Waste disposal

Compacting, shredding or dewatering waste materials from industry, demolition and landfills. Compacting or dewatering significantly reduces logistics and disposal costs.
Recycling + Processing

Recycling + Processing

Drying wet waste and recyclable materials effectively and energy-efficiently. Dewatering waste materials from the paper industry or screenings from sewage treatment plants.


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